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I will soon be launching my new website with a new business name. I am still offering the same quality products with complete doll restoration. Only the name and website will be changed.

I have had a life long passion for antique and vintage dolls. I can repair and restore your precious dolls to their former beauty with knowledgeable expertise in museum quality restoration. I am also a professional seamstress with 50 years sewing experience, and I love to do period costuming. Send me an email with pictures and a description of your doll and I will give you a free quick quote for doll repair and doll restoration.

I am building a new website for my doll hospital. Head on over to to see more doll repairs and information on doll restoration.

When ordering, please keep in mind that all that everything I sell is handmade by me and that I also work full time as a teacher. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your orders.

Before and After pictures of a 12" Kewpie doll that has had full doll repair and doll restoration. The romper is a copy of an original outfit and the shoes are true oilcloth. The next picture is of an iris transplant.

Mignonette Patterns
In 1878, "La Poupee Modele" began to print patterns for the small all bisque dolls and called them Mignonnettes. The original patterns are difficult to use and don't always fit together, but I have reworked the patterns so they fit well. "La Poupee Modele" made both paper patterns and printed fabric sheets. The printed fabric sheets are so much fun and so easy to use.
Effanbee Skippy Patterns
The Effanbee Skippy doll is so much fun to dress. I have two patterns ready for him now, the Army Skippy and the Aviator Skippy.
1889 French Frock,
Hat, and Lingerie

This beautiful pattern will fit an all bisque doll from 7" - 8" tall. The pattern includes corset/waist, bloomers, full slip, dress, and hat. The directions are detailed and include many pictures.

The Effanbee Candy Kid is one of my favorite dolls. I have available for you exact copies of his leather gloves, Champ outfit and oilcloth shoes. Two Pleat Dress for Patsy Doll Family
New dresses and hats for your Patsy Family dolls! The fabric is authentic reproduction prints from the 1030's trimmed in a contrasting fabric. The darling cloche hat is accented with a saucy bow.
Everyone loves those Kewpies!
These are the 12" - 13" composition Kewpie, Scootles and Giggles. In front is the 11" Kewpie with the heart on the front and the blue wings on the back.
Their sunsuits and shoes are available for you. When their names are highlighted, the dolls are also available.

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